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65 Ardenslate Road, Kirn, Dunoon

For an exchange to go ahead, both existing social rented tenancies must have been maintained properly.

This means that you and the other tenant must:

  • have met all tenancy conditions;
  • looked after your property;
  • respected the rights of other tenants; and
  • paid the rent and all other charges on time.

The new tenant must accept the property in its present condition. You cannot move to a property smaller than you need.

Applicants for a mutual exchange may only apply for a move to accommodation where the size of the property is suitable for the size of the family.

In order to apply for a mutual exchange you must contact your local HOME Argyll office who will issue you with a Mutual Exchange application form.

If you wish to apply for a mutual exchange outwith Argyll & Bute you can do so by registering with organisations such as HomeSwapper.

HomeSwapper has the UK’s largest database of people looking to swap homes with over 246,000 users across the UK. HomeSwapper uses the details you supply to automatically match you to other tenants who may have a home that you'd like and who would also be interested in your property. When HomeSwapper finds you a match you will be alerted by SMS text or email.

Important Checks

We would also recommend that you consider the following before asking to go ahead with any Mutual Exchange:

  • How much is the rent? If it is more, is this affordable?
  • How much is the Council Tax?
  • Terms of the tenancy agreement, eg: if a pet owner check that you are permitted pets, etc.
  • Cost of living in the property – this is particularly important if moving to a larger property as it may be more expensive for electricity/gas, etc.
  • If there are repairs required, check to see if the landlord will carry them out
  • Available public transport

Other Information

It is illegal to offer the other tenant any financial incentive to make the swap or accept a bribe from them.

You can get more information and guidance on exchanges from Shelter Scotland.

Remember whenever considering a mutual exchange all parties must have their landlords written permission for it to go ahead.

At a glance

Available for mutual exchange

Type:Four in a Block Ground Floor Flat
Rent:£96.31 per week
Available:Mutual Exchange

Occasionally Home Argyll partners have properties which are currently vacant, and available for immediate let and occupation.

A vacancy has arisen with the following Registered Social Landlord: Argyll Community Housing Association.

Property details

Heating: Gas

Preferred Area: Sandbank
Type: Ground Floor or Semi Detached
Bedrooms: 2 or 3
Heating: Gas
Other Comments: Looking for a 2 / 3 bed in the Sandbank area, would need to have own garden and be like for like with my house

OTHER COMMENTS: I’m looking for a 2/3 bed property in the sandbank area, I have a ground floor with a private front and back garden in a very quiet area, close to schools, nursery, the shop is a few minutes walk, I have been here 2 years, my house has all new kitchen, shower over the bath permitted by ACHA. I had all new carpets put in, tasteful decor, decent size garden front and back, ample parking, will only take like for like as I need a garden for my son and dogs

Contact information

Please contact the following office for more information, or to express your interest in this property:

Name: Kate Maxwell

Tel: 01930093987


Please bear in mind that applicants’ eligibility will be assessed in line with the Home Argyll Allocations Policy.

At a glance

Available for mutual exchange

Type:Four in a Block Ground Floor Flat
Rent:£96.31 per week
Available:Mutual Exchange