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Mortgage to rent

You can get an application form by writing to:

Home Owners' Support Fund Team,
The Scottish Government,
Highlander House,
58 Waterloo Street,
G2 7DA

Or by emailing or by phoning 0845 279 9999 or you can download the application direct from the Scottish Government’s Home Owners Support Fund website.

Please note that the information on this page in a brief summary only. If you would like more information on Mortgage to Rent please visit the Shelter Scotland website.

There is also a Scottish Government scheme called Mortgage to Equity (MSE).This scheme is also part of the Homeowners Support Fund. It allows homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgages and who have at least 25% equity in their property to reduce their level of secured debt. The Government will take a financial stake in your home. You will still own your home and continue to have responsibility for maintaining and insuring it but you will reduce the amount you have to pay to your lender every month.

It is important to seek advice early if you are having trouble meeting your mortgage payments.