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Additional support

The additional support option enables applicants to find services relevant to their needs. If you have indicated that you have additional support needs you may benefit from the advocacy service to help you get the support that you need.

Housing Support

The following organisations provide housing support to residents of Argyll & Bute:-

Carr Gomm- drop in services are provided in Lochgilphead, Rothesay, Dunoon, Helensburgh, Oban and on Islay. Contact or phone 01631 563 375.

Housing, Employment and Lifeskills Project (HELP) - drop in services are provided in Dunoon and Rothesay. Contact or 01369 707 600.

There are also specialist agencies providing various support services across Argyll & Bute. You can get more details on the Argyll & Bute Advice Network.

Advocacy Service

Advocacy is about giving people a stronger voice and may be appropriate if you have indicated that you require additional support to access your housing options. Advocacy helps individuals:

  • to make their wishes known
  • to understand the options open to them
  • to claim their rights
  • to defend their interests
  • to ensure that their voice is heard

Please contact Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service on 0845 602 3292 or 01389 726 543 or

Energy Advice

Amongst many other schemes that ALIenergy can assist with, Scottish and Southern Electric /Scottish Hydro (SSE) offer the Priority Assistance Fund, where those suffering some form of vulnerability in the household (e.g. elderly or children or disability) AND either have a total household income of less than £16,000 OR are spending more than 10% of your income on energy costs, could qualify for practical measures including energy efficiency advice, income maximisation checks and help with energy debts. Contact Tara Livornese, Affordable Warmth Team Leader, ALIenergy on 07860 774 928 or

Housing Advice for People Leaving the Armed Forces and Ex-service Personnel

Deciding where to live is one of the most important choices you and your family will need to make on leaving the armed forces. It is never too early to think about where you will set up home. Whether you are due to leave in a year, a couple of months or have already left, there is support out there to help you. Further information is available in the following link

NHS Living It Up

Everyone can benefit from a little more know -how. So get more out of life by visiting the NHS Living It Up website - a service to help you get and share information about a healthier lifestyle.